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Wholesaling & Importing Insurance

Whether you’re warehousing stock, importing products from overseas or delivering across Australia, the wholesaling & importing industry can be varied and complex. And the number of risks a wholesaling or importing business can face is just as diverse as the industry itself can be.

Wholesaling & importing businesses often have expensive warehouse fitouts, importing and freight transit issues, and large stock levels, which all carry different risks to your business. Not to mention, you may be liable in the event of a loss occurring due to your on-sold product.

Type of products commonly dealt with in the Wholesaling & Importing Industry:

How can we help your wholesaling & importing business?

As each wholesaling & importing business is unique, and faces its own unique challenges and risks throughout the supply chain, manufacturer’s insurance can be complex. We here at TIC Insurance Brokers are here to help you understand where your risks lie, and how we can assist in mitigating them through insurance.

Did you know that your business may legally be deemed the manufacturer of a product if you’re importing from overseas, and you’re therefore responsible for any fault with the product? Is your business covered for loss of income while you rebuild a burnt-down warehouse? Is your stock covered while in transit, or while sitting in a broken down refrigerated room?

Our team at TIC Insurance Brokers is thoroughly trained and experienced to get to know your wholesaling & importing business properly, and ensure your coverage is correct for you. No matter your business’s size and scale, your importing, exporting, storage, or wholesaling activities, we are experts at reviewing your needs and offering tailor insurance offerings for your business.

Common insurance products, for businesses in the wholesaling & importing industry:

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