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Earthmoving & Excavation Insurance

Earthmoving & excavation businesses are routinely engaged for earthmoving and levelling work, excavation work, removal of rubbish and debris and demolition and removal of structures.

Due to the scale of the work being performed, and the cost of the machinery required to do it, businesses in the Earthmoving & Excavation industry are exposed to a large number of insurable risks.

On top of the liability risks of the work being performed, earthmoving businesses also regularly own or hire in fleets of plant, equipment and machinery, all of which must be properly insured.

Type of Work Performed in Earthmoving & Excavation Industry

How can we help your Earthmoving & Excavation business?

With the amounts of money involved, and the scale of the work being done, choosing the right insurance policies and coverage for your earthmoving & excavation business can be complex and stressful.

The last thing you want is for your business to be open to massive financial losses through not being properly covered. If that key piece of machinery broke down or was stolen, could your business continue operating? If your operator dug just a bit too far and burst a water pipe, could you cover the cost of the resulting damage?

Our team at TIC Insurance Brokers is thoroughly trained and experienced in relation to earthmoving & excavation business insurance, ensuring your coverage is up to scratch for what you will need if the worst happens. We’ll explain the insurances in easy-to-understand terms, and will put your needs and goals right at the front (instead of trying to sell you on policies you don’t need!).

Common insurance products, for businesses in the earthmoving & excavation industry:

TIC is an official sponsor and preferred insurance broker for the Demolition & Asbestos Industry Association Qld (DAIA).

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