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Building & Construction Insurance

The building & construction industry is a massive part of Australia’s economy, and encompasses all aspects of construction and building maintenance works. Getting your insurance right is an essential step to carrying on your business and protecting your assets.

Imagine you’ve just received a large delivery of timber for your current biggest project to the site. You leave it overnight, vandals come in, pinch some and set fire to the rest. The whole project goes up in flames.

Or you put on a new subcontractor to help with some plumbing work on your project. He does a shoddy job and the pipe he installed bursts, flooding the building and doing massive damage to the structure. Are you covered? Could your business survive the loss of the stock and potentially the project?

With the nature of the work being done, and the money involved, businesses in the construction and building industry are exposed to a large number of risks. As well as the liability, stock and project risks, construction businesses also regularly own fleets of plant, tools, equipment and machinery, all of which must be properly insured.

Type of Work Performed in the Building & Construction Industry

How can we help your Building & construction business?

With the large risks and diverse activities involved in the building & construction industry, choosing the right insurance policies and coverage for your business can be complex and stressful. The last thing you want is for your business to be open to massive financial losses through not being properly covered.

Whether you’re a subcontractor working for yourself, or an owner of a commercial project construction company, cash-flow, profit margins and the ability to keep working are all so vitally important to the life of your business.

At TIC Insurance Brokers we’re thoroughly trained and experienced in relation to building & construction business insurance, ensuring your coverage is adequate and accurate for your needs.

Common insurance products, for businesses in the building & construction industry:

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