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Professional Services Insurance

Professional services is a broad term encompassing the professionally trained providers dealing in advice and services to their clients. Some professional services businesses require insurance to satisfy key licensing or membership requirements, others just want the peace of mind to ensure that if they make a mistake or miss an important piece in their advice, they are covered.

Some examples of businesses in the professional services sector:

How can we help your professional services business?

The staff at TIC Insurance Brokers are experts at sourcing and placing the required insurance for your professional service business, no matter what you do.

We can help you understand the insurance requirements for your license or membership, retroactive cover (coverage for past work), proposal forms, and where your risks lie.

Our team at TIC Insurance Brokers is thoroughly trained and experienced to get to know your professional services business properly, and ensure your coverage is adequate and accurate for your needs, and to save you heartache and costs in the event of a claim.

Common insurance products, for businesses in the professional services industry:

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