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Demolition & Asbestos Removal Insurance

Need Insurance for your Demolition business? 

Demolition businesses are routinely engaged for residential and commercial strip-outs, demolition and removal of structures, asbestos removal, earthmoving or levelling work, excavation work, and removal of rubbish and debris. Due to the nature and scale of the work being performed, businesses in the Demolition industry are inherently exposed to a large number of risks. As well as the liability risks of the work being performed, demolition businesses also regularly own fleets of plant, equipment and machinery, all of which must be properly insured.

Asbestos Removal & Contracting
Commonly performed by businesses also doing demolition or earthmoving works, the removal and transport of asbestos is a risk many insurers don’t want to go near.

Asbestos is a material that was long viewed as a versatile building product, due to its strength, flexibility, and insulation properties. However, with the discovery of the health issues relating to exposure to asbestos, many insurers now automatically exclude any work involving asbestos from their policies. TIC can help with your asbestos insurance needs.

Type of Work Performed in Demolition & Asbestos Industry that needs Insurance

How can we help your demolition & asbestos removal business insurance needs?

With the large risks inherent in the demolition & asbestos industry, choosing the right insurance policies and coverage for your business can be complex and stressful. The last thing you want is for your business to be open to massive financial losses through not being properly covered.

With the well-reported health issues connected with working with asbestos, there is a massive public liability risk for your business. TIC Insurance Brokers has avenues for placement in place for asbestos risks, ensuring your business is adequately protected for working with asbestos, and other activities.

Our team at TIC Insurance Brokers is thoroughly trained and experienced in relation to demolition & asbestos business insurance, ensuring your coverage is adequate and accurate for your needs.

Common insurance products, for businesses in the demolition & asbestos industry:

TIC is an official sponsor and preferred insurance broker for the Demolition & Asbestos Industry Association Qld (DAIA).

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